Improve Your Sustainability Strategy With The Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor

Although 90% of business leaders think sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy. A sustainability strategy can reduce business costs substantially and can affect operating profits by as much as 60%. Room Alert environment monitoring is a critical component of any effective sustainability strategy, as it works to lower energy consumption, meet sustainability best practices and improve productivity. Our patented and award-winning Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor is just one of the many tools you can use with Room Alert to strengthen sustainability efforts through monitoring active power status and temperature in your businesses, organizations and facilities.

Patented Design You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

The Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor is one of our most popular sensors. It features built-in temperature monitoring and provides the real-time power status of any electric device. To set it up, you simply strap the sensor to the outside of any AC electrical cord, making it extremely easy to get started. During installation, there is no need to unplug the device or modify the cord, which could cause damage or an outage all on its own. There is also no need to hire an electrician to connect within a main panel. Our Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor monitors the environment and gives users valuable information about power usage and temperature in their facilities.

Increase Energy Efficiency

With the insight Room Alert delivers, customers are able to make educated decisions and take actionable steps to boost their sustainability strategy and reduce operational costs. The Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor can be installed in data centers, on HVAC units, sump pumps, compressors, in coolers for cold storage, medical laboratories and more. Essentially any application where you want to be sure your equipment and facilities are receiving power while maintaining energy-saving practices can greatly benefit from this sensor. For example, the Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor can be used to help detect if electricity is flowing and therefore help you proactively identify if maintenance will soon be needed. Unexpected power loss accounts for roughly 25% of all costly environmental damages. Power outages can happen anywhere, at any time. An unexpected power outage in a data center can lead to HVAC failure, servers overheating and irreversible data loss that you may never recover from. 

The Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor provides Room Alert users with real-time data and alert notifications regarding their energy consumption. This allows businesses and organizations to indicate areas where they can reduce their energy usage and save money on their utility bills. By reducing energy consumption, organizations can also reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainability efforts.

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