Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs with Room Alert Environment Monitoring

With energy costs continuing to rise, it has never been more critical for businesses and facilities to reduce their heating and cooling costs without sacrificing customer comfort, employee safety and productivity. Environment monitoring with Room Alert is the most cost-effective solution for saving money on heating and cooling costs within your facilities. 

Room Alert works by proactively monitoring your environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, heat index, power, flood/ water, air flow and more. Having Room Alert installed in your organization can lead to significant cost savings by preventing costly equipment failures and damage. One of the most impactful ways that award-winning Room Alert has been able to save users money on heating and cooling costs is by identifying areas where energy is being wasted. For example, if Room Alert detects that your data center is consistently reaching temperature and humidity outside of ASHRAE recommended ranges, it will alert you to the issue so your team can take steps to address it. Not only will this insight help you save money on wasted energy, but it also helps you prevent irreversible disaster and data loss. If the temperature or humidity is too high, your data center is at serious risk for equipment overheating/failure, irreversible data loss, warping of materials and hardware corrosion. Temperature or humidity that is too low can lead to electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can cause damage to sensitive components. By proactively monitoring the environmental conditions, Room Alert can help users maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, which improve uptime and productivity while reducing heating and cooling costs.

Outside of data centers and IT facilities, Room Alert can also help users save money on heating and cooling costs within HVAC monitoring. HVAC is a major contributor to the maintenance and energy-related operating expenses of a facility. Without the proper HVAC monitoring in place, an issue such as a blockage may go undetected for weeks. Room Alert can help users improve the overall efficiency of their HVAC systems with our Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor. This sensor is a professionally designed sensor that monitors air flow (or lack of air flow) for fans and vents, such as HVAC vents, internal/external server exhaust fans, cooling fans, dehumidifier fans, and other locations where consistent and reliable air flow is critical. The Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor can help users identify areas where their HVAC systems may be over- or under-performing. This can help users adjust their HVAC systems to maintain optimal conditions, which can reduce wear and tear on equipment, extend equipment lifespan, and reduce the need for costly repairs. The insight that Room Alert provides can help users identify areas where they may be using more energy than necessary, allowing them to take corrective action to reduce energy usage and lower their utility bills.

Beyond just hardware, the Room Alert platform also includes our online Room Alert Account services. Here users can benefit from a variety of features that help provide initial insight into the why behind the environmental conditions in your facilities. With sensor data & reports, you can find detailed data and analytics that help you identify trends and patterns. This can help you make more informed decisions about how to optimize energy usage in your environment. For example, if Room Alert detects that a particular room is consistently too warm or too cold, you can use this data to make adjustments to your HVAC systems or insulation to improve safety, comfort and productivity all while reducing energy costs. By identifying energy waste, detecting equipment failures early and optimizing system performance, environment monitoring with Room Alert can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

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