Strengthen Your Business Insurance Plan With Room Alert

Many businesses of all sizes and kinds have insurance to protect their critical assets. Business insurance helps cover the costs associated with unforeseen property damage and liability claims. Without insurance, your business is at risk of paying out-of-pocket for costly damages and downtime. Room Alert environment monitoring is the best way to strengthen your business insurance plan as it protects you from the 30% of all data loss and damage caused by environmental threats. Depending on your insurance provider, they may cover some or all of the cost for you to install Room Alert.

Room Alert During Natural Disasters

A lot of insurance policies place an emphasis on preventative measures that help mitigate the risk of costly damage from happening in the first place. For example, policies such as catastrophe insurance protect businesses and residences against natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. Investing in Room Alert means having the necessary tools in place to be notified immediately of potential threats such as high heat & humidity, water leaks or flooding and the list goes on of issues that can arise during natural disasters. Room Alert environment monitoring is the best precaution to take in order to protect yourself from these kinds of threats that can quickly lead to disaster and even bankruptcy.

Room Alert Is Proactive, Insurance Is Reactive

Perhaps the most ideal application for the Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor is in HVAC monitoring. HVAC is a major contributor to the maintenance and energy-related operating expenses of a facility. Without the proper HVAC monitoring in place, an issue such as a blockage may go undetected for weeks. The Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor helps you identify potential problems and take corrective action in real-time before costly and irreversible damage occurs. Room Alert can notify you via text or email of a failing HVAC unit, as well as help to reduce operational costs, and help you save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs. As far as preventative maintenance goes, Room Alert can also help predict if or when future issues may arise.  

You can install the Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor to monitor ducts for air speed range as well as temperature of the air flow, which directly impacts the quality of the air. Air quality is critical, as it can affect your customers, employees, inventory, critical equipment/assets or business’s reputation. In terms of reducing operation costs, having the Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor on your HVAC system helps reduce heating and cooling costs which increases the ROI (return on investment) on your HVAC equipment. For example, install the Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor in your data center to ensure proper air flow, as well as ensure that the equipment in your data center has sufficient cooling to avoid costly downtime. Overheating can cause massive IT failures and negatively impact your whole business operation.

Room Alert Provides Peace Of Mind By Protecting People, Property & Productivity

Room Alert is an award-winning and reliable platform that is like having staff on-site 24/7 to alert you to any concerns surrounding severe weather, flooding, fire, unexpected power outages, security and more. Room Alert has capabilities to monitor temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, flood, power, smoke, fire, motion, room entry, air flow and any environmental condition that could lead to lost resources, time and productivity. Room Alert provides immense value and peace of mind because even if it is not covered by your insurance, it’ll pay for itself after just one instance of saving you from an unplanned outage. We recommend you speak directly with your insurance carrier and contact us for a quote.

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