Native SMS Alert Notifications in Room Alert Account

Native SMS Alert Notifications in Room Alert Account

Our team is extremely excited to announce the launch of native SMS alert notifications in Room Alert Account. Room Alert Account is an online platform that provides the best way for users to manage their Room Alert monitors, sensors and accessories. Previously in Room Alert Account, users had the option of receiving alert notifications via email message, email-to-SMS or HTTP post. Now for those on the Professional tier of Room Alert Account or higher, customers have the ability to also opt into native SMS messages.

Native SMS vs Email-to-SMS

We decided it was important for us to develop this feature in order to continue improving the customer experience and adding value to the Room Alert environment monitoring platform. The addition of native SMS alert notifications is a proactive response to many large carrier companies that are starting to phase out email-to-SMS. With email-to-SMS, cell phone providers had a domain that you could send messages through and they would forward it on as a message. However this method is not supported globally and is prone to throttling. Room Alert has a wide-reaching international presence supporting thousands of users located in over 185 countries. Native SMS alert notifications are exceptionally user-friendly and the superior solution for our international Room Alert customers.

Alternatively for those who would prefer instant push notifications, you can download our freeĀ Room Alert Mobile App. In the Room Alert mobile app, users can configure instant push notifications which provide clickable messages that will pop up on any mobile device. Push notifications are an easy and reliable method to deliver important and time-sensitive information directly to mobile devices.

Our team invested a great effort into creating native SMS alert notifications to better support our users in their effort to prevent and minimize the extent of costly unplanned outages. For users who prefer to continue using email-to-SMS, it will remain available and free to customers on all tiers of Room Alert Account.

Native SMS alert notifications offer increased reliability, capabilities and peace of mind to the Room Alert ecosystem. Enable native SMS messaging today to prevent environmental damage and benefit from what Room Alert does best.

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