Protect Cold Storage In Schools With Room Alert

Cold storage facilities that house any temperature-sensitive products, such as medication or food, can quickly become ineffective and their contents contaminated if they are not stored properly. If temperatures unexpectedly spike or power is lost, thousands or even millions of dollars in materials can be destroyed. Proactive environment monitoring is the best way to oversee the environmental conditions in real-time and stop irreversible disaster from unfolding in its tracks.

Room Alert is the most reliable and comprehensive solution for preventing the 30% of costly downtime that is caused by temperature, humidity, power loss, water damage and more. For years, Room Alert has been trusted in vaccine and pharmaceutical storagethe food industry and other settings where inventory must be stored in specific conditions. Room Alert is also vital to monitoring cold storage facilities in schools that contain anything from student medication to food and beverages.

Approximately 19% of children have special healthcare needs that require them to take prescription medications. With the increase in the number of students with chronic diseases and complex medical histories, there is an increasing need to administer medications in school. Oftentimes, these medications must be stored in temperature-controlled environments in order to remain safe and effective. Cold storage facilities can be a huge liability because they are prone to downtime. Even the slightest change in the environment that is not immediately identified and corrected can lead to extensive damage. However with Room Alert as a part of your Continuity Planning efforts, schools can help keep students healthy and safe. Room Alert is an affordable investment that usually pays for itself after just one incident where it prevented or minimized the extent of downtime.

If you have any questions about using Room Alert in cold storage facilities, please get in touch. A product specialist will be happy to help you.